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Loki- Another Time, Another Place by stak1073

Wow! My absolutely shocked. :faint: This is beautiful and oh-so romantic! I, too, instantly thought of Romeo & Juliet, at first glance. :nod:

I love everything that is showcased in this photo manipulation. You pulled everything together quite nicely, from the background to the people themselves. The addition of the petals, I feel, adds much to this photo. It gives a romantic feel to it, even dreamy. Perhaps, in a way, Loki's frozen heart is melting due to the warmth of love that is much like Spring? :3

I do have one thing that I think you ought to fix: the woman's arms. It was hard for me to tell if she had any or not! :lmao: Until I looked closer. Perhaps make it more apparent, if possible (not sure if you can)?

But well done, friend, well done! :clap: You've earned five stars, from me, all the way...and Loki, too. Hee, hee! *winks*
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Thank you so much for your comments! About the arm....I know..i noticed it too. In the original, her arms aren't visible, either. So, I just decided to leave it alone. I appreciate the critique. I wasn't sure how well this one would go over!
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